"the feng shui of effective communications"

Those goldfish in the restaurant aren’t for the mere amusement of the diners – their greater purpose is to create prosperity for the owners.

When spending money and energy, first imperative is to secure return on investment. You want effective communications executed with that imperative in mind.

In the process, all important elements need to be considered in coordination with new or existing communications, identities and marketing strategies.

The result of such endeavour: designs and content balanced to your unique message and style. Light while laden with suggestion… Friendly but not too chummy… Authoritative yet approachable…

Some reflections…

Looks great! Worth every penny. Many, many thanks!

Our many thanks for your inspired services.

The Cds look wonderful.

We’re so pleased with the prospectus!

Many thanks as ever for your work on the newssheet.

Thanks again for your brilliant work.

I take the opportunity to share with you all the compliments I have received on the presentation of the programme…once again thanks very much for your artistic contribution.

Great work! You caught exactly the effect I was hoping to see.

Thanks for another great job – beautifully presented issue.

Many thanks for your superb efforts.

What excellent work…gets better all the time.

Everybody just thinks the design of the website is amazing! You did a wonderful job…

I'm absolutely delighted, it looks great!

Looks great and thanks for doing it so fast.

Perfect work!

Thanks, the layout really looks terrific.

I'm very happy with us working together.

What a difference! I'm flabbered to ghasted and back to flabbered…basically it just looks and reads so good.

Your suggestions are excellent!

I think you came up with a really outstanding design.

Thank you again for your insight.

I really enjoy your ideas and vision.

I can't tell you how impressed I am with your work. It appears to me that you are actually reading the material to better understand how to present and organize each page. Of all the websites that I have been involved in this is a first for me. Thank you for doing such quality work.

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adstream is a reliable partner for integration into larger projects – and a one-stop shop for smaller organizations requiring professional quality execution.

Production is based on the highly efficient Mac OSX and industry-standard Adobe software.

Jon Anderson is the native English principal with the following chief experience:
• 22 years freelance production consultancy
• 20 years creative services (Mac specialist)
• 11 years ad agency (London)
• 10 years copywriting and localization (Amsterdam)

Initial Discussion

You are welcome to contact adstream to discuss your requirement and request a cost estimate. Use the contact form to introduce yourself – we will mail or call you back as you prefer.

We should certainly have a phone consultation if there’s any discussion required: 00-31-(0)72 5898662.

The brief

A clear brief – or formal documentation of your requirement – provides the foundation for an efficient project trajectory and accurate budgeting.

You may have it all pinned down already – but if not, adstream can advise and discuss with you as necessary, to define the marketing goals and inventorize the technical details.

Agreeing a Budget or Estimate

Depending on your experience and preference, you may wish to set a budget or budget window for the project. Otherwise a job estimate will be drawn up for you based upon the brief, adstream’s hourly rates and external costs, if any.

So far it’s all without obligation; any advice you receive is freely given until we have agreed to work together.

Hourly rates

Once we agree a project budget or job estimate, this covers the normal amendments and proof approvals inherent in the creative and production processes.

There may be work that falls outside the budget/estimate – that is, if there is a substantial addition or change to the original brief while mid-project. Such ‘author’s amendments’ are charged at an hourly rate (see below).

— Note that while extra work necessitated by computer or human error on the part of adstream is not charged, corrections required after a proof is approved are normally considered ‘author’s amendments’.

45 EUR/hour for: 55 EUR/hour for: 75 EUR/hour for:
website maintenance/
technical DTP
website development website conceptualisation
text editing (Dutch-English) copy adaptation commercial copywriting
project management
and planning
graphic design/
brand development

— Time spent is rounded up or down to the nearest 5 minutes.

Subsequent projects

Once we have established a working relationship, you may wish to move to an hourly rate for ad hoc jobs or a fixed rate for recurring work.


Where possible, a face-to-face meeting at your workplace is preferred for initial briefing in the case of larger projects.

For general communication adstream prefers email, or telephone where discussion or urgency is required.

Source material can be accepted in most common digital formats, as email attachments or via ftp in the case of larger files.

Approval proofs are generally delivered as PDF or JPG, final printwork as certified PDF. Websites under development are uploaded on adstream’s server.

adstream full terms and conditions

adstream services adstream home